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Safe n Sound Latex Foam Pillows
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Safe 'n Sound
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Our unique pin-core latex foam pillows are designed to help reduce the risk of your baby suffocating. Specially molded pin-holes and millions of tiny air cells allow fresh air to flow through, ensuring better quality sleep for your baby. Safe ‘n Sound pillows offer total support as they always stay resilient, never hardening or becoming lumpy. All our latex foam products are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and do not retain dust and fluff.


Now featuring our new Nano223 covers, using the world's most advanced pure nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) surface coating technology! *(Only for baby and toddler pillows)

Invisible to the naked eye, Nano223 will rapidly, effectively and continuously eliminate bacteria, virus, molds, toxic gases upon contact. Tested completely safe too!

It works via a photocatalysis process where billions of nano particles once energised by any visible light, will oxidise and thus kill micro-organisms upon contact.

Our pillows now ensure complete protection both inside and out against harmful micro-organisms, thus drastically reducing the risk of infection, allergic reactions to mold spores and eliminating bad smells!

220NT   14"x10"x1" Baby Safety Pillow      RM39.90
221NT   17"x12"x2" Toddler Safety Pillow   RM59.90

            Junior pillow 5 years+                 RM199.90