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Lovely World Cloth Diaper My Sweetheart
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Lovely World
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Lovely World washable cloth diapers are the next generation in reusable diapers.

You can choose to use it like a pocket diaper where the insert tucks into the "pocket", or snap on the insert as the top layer. So simple and easy to use, it fits babies of all shapes and sizes!

Colours available are sky blue, cute pink, natural green, cream puff, mocha and snow white.

Unique features:

•Breathable PUL waterproof outer layer to prevent leakage

•Holds up to 450 mls urine

•Slim fitting wearing day and night

•Adjustable diaper size S,M,L and XL

•No leakage due to special pre-cut shape

•Velcro tab for easy and convenient fastening

•Quicker Dry and Easy unique design Inserts

•Fold-over insert adjustable to increase absorbency

•Fits newborn babies to potty trained from 3kg - 18kg

•Soft and comfortable stain resistant layer to keep baby dry

•Multi layered strong absorbency inserts (more than 6 layers)

Each diaper set includes 1x newborn 3-layer organic bamboo+microfibre insert,

and 1 x 4-layer organic bamboo + microfibre insert

Wash & Care

Before use, wash new inserts for several times (3-5times) before start using. The more you wash it the better absorbency for the inserts. Hand/Machine wash at (60°C). Tumble dry any temperature or hang dry. Do not use bleach or put through a sanitize cycle. This will cause the waterproof lining to de-laminate.

Do not use fabric softeners or any other laundry additives.