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Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi
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Large Anti-slip surface
makes the board safe and comfortable to stand on. The surface reduces the risk of your child accidentally slipping off the board.


Side Protection frame
The frame around the platform provides additional safety for your child.


Large ground clearance
The large distance between the ground and the platform makes it easier for the parent to walk behind the BuggyBoard-Maxi™


Board levelling system
The BuggyBoard Maxi™ has a board levelling system that allows you to more freely choose a position for the connectors on your pushchair/pram. You just adjust the height of the arms to the connectors height.


Easy width adjusting
The BuggyBoard Maxi™ has a unique width adjusting system that allows you to attach it to prams and pushchairs of different sizes.


Suspension system
Independent suspension on each wheel provides a smooth and pleasant ride for everyone, not only for the child on the board but also for the child in the pushchair/pram and for the parent as well.


Strap connector
The strap connector allows you to attach the connectors to almost any size of chassis tubing.


Lift-n-store system
If the BuggyBoard Maxi™ is temporarily not in use, it can be placed in resting position. The strap is easily adjusted to work with your pushchair/stroller.